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Wedding Film making in and around Grande Prairie has proven to be part of a calling for us. Traveling outside Grande Prairie and Alberta to make cinematic wedding films in British Columbia and abroad is a dream come true, an adventure, and a delight. What we have realized more and more in this past wedding-movie-making season in particular, is that no matter how zealous we are to create a captivating cinematic experience every time we shoot and edit, the underlying motivation behind that passion is the bride, the groom, and the people connected with them who we get to engage with on what is EASILY one of the most important days of their lives, and is EASILY one of the most important decisions they will ever make. We are videographers who specialize in cinematic wedding films, but my wife put up a post on our Instagram and Facebook page that articulated what I am trying to say more perfectly:

"Thanks to Kayla Lynn Photography , you’re getting a ‘Behind the Scenes’ view of what we do on a cli-end’s (client+friend) big day! Having a photographer (or two) and a videographer(...or two) can almost seem overwhelming to think about. And we know that. So a huge priority for us, is to build such a relationship with our cli-end’s that they hardly notice we are there to work, but we are more just close friends enjoying the day with them. We purpose to make the day as fun and relaxed as possible for the amazing couple that has entrusted their life changing day to us to capture. We love our job. Yes, because it’s our passion. But it’s our passion because we have the privilege of capturing the emotions, love, joy, laughter and tears of our new found friends, for them (their families, friends and even children) to relive for years to follow"

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WOW, nicely put my love! Honestly, if we created these films and they were just for us to be entertained by our own creatively, it would still be fun, but it would be meaningless. Jilliana says it all the time, but the joy and the meaning starts before the wedding day. For us the joy starts the day we connect with our "cli-ends" (as she so cleverly put it). I will say it again and again, covenant is a divine reflection, we were created for this, the reason it is so powerful, the reason everyone LOVES to see people falling in love, is because we touch the part of us that is truly made in God's image when we make this kind of commitment to love without limits for the rest of our lives: KABOOM! We say, "there were fireworks," because there is REAL POWER in real love. 

This is why we have been so excited to make the highest quality wedding films we possibly can and strive for excellence both in the final product and in the way we serve our "cli-ends" from start to finish. The whole world NEEDS to see that divine reflection in a way that inspires hope and reminds us that there really is something to celebrate despite all of the hardships of life.  We literally want to make a movie of your day more inspiring and convicting then the diamond on your ring. We want everyone who see's it to be reminded that love is real and alive, something worth fighting for, because (let's face it) the world can leave you pretty disillusioned without the purpose behind it all: LOVE. 


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I can hardly think of a better example than one of our most recent couples. I was deeply inspired by their courage and commitment to one another, their tenderness and kindness both toward one another AND TOWARD US on their wedding day. They have a story that I won't assume I have the right to tell, but will just say that they are awe-inspiring in their decision to love so well. In this world we all endure many things, Brittany & Dylan showcase the meaning behind it all right here in this wedding film trailer shot out at Serenity Acres, just south west of Grande Prairie, as well as in the Sunset Park in Wembley, Alberta, Canada. We have such beautiful scenery in Alberta, from the secret little hamlets of the country to the majestic mountains in Jasper and Banff, there is endless opportunity to create these cinematic films, to get the very best of wedding videography, and film your covenant because, 

"Your Story Is Worth CaPturing..."


Wedding Film Trailer • Brittany & Dylan • Grande Priarie • Alberta