Alicia (bride)

"A week before our wedding I decided that I wanted a videographer. I was on the edge because I thought it would be too much with having two photographers and two videographers. But a video captures certain aspects of the day in a different way than photos do, like the way the wind blows through the trees and authentic emotion in motion. I contacted Bread and Wine Films and they said that they could do it for us, even though our wedding was only a short few days away. I was absolutely thrilled. Both members are incredibly skilled and kind. They were able to work with our photographers effortlessly and respectfully. Nothing was staged. Everything felt very natural and authentic. They took the time to meet with us that week, to hear our vision, and to get to know our love story to better capture us on our wedding day. Having both Jillian and Jonathan there on our special day felt like having two old friends celebrating with us. Jonathan is very passionate and absolutely loves what he does. Jillian fit right in with my bridesmaids and I while getting ready and was so calming and encouraging the entire morning. She really is a special person. The love and respect that this husband and wife team have for one another only makes them that much more relatable and understanding on such a special day. Thank you both again so much for capturing our wedding day and for being so easy to work with throughout the whole journey! I cannot recommend Bread and Wine Films enough!"

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Brittany (Bride)

“There are no words to describe how amazing Jilliana and Jonny are, the whole day was a blast.. they are a perfect pair and they captured our day so perfectly.. we’ve only seen our wedding teaser but I’m over the moon about it... thank you so much for everything.”

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chad (groom)

"We are so pleased and impressed with this husband and wife duo. The combination of style and story telling by far superseded all our expectations. If your looking for some one to tell your love story right, look no further. Their passion for moving pictures defiantly shows in there final product. When you combine their professional gear, passion and heart you will get a vivid memory that is timeless."

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Robin (Bride)

“We feel so lucky to have had Bread and Wine film our wedding. This husband and wife duo are so passionate about their work and are committed to ensuring that they capture not only your wedding day, but your love story. They have a real eye for the best shot and are amazing at making a chaotic environment beautiful! Our wedding day was a true outdoor farm wedding with terrible weather and lot of chaos, but these two seemed to make it look flawless on film. They were there from morning till night and created a memory for us to watch year after year that adds so much more then pictures can show.  I would recommend Bread and Wine to anyone who wants to capture the heart of the moment.  Thanks again guys for filming our wedding and for spending countless hours sifting through an entire days worth of footage to bring us our story.  It was also great to share with everyone to relive it again and for family members that were unable to make it there. Thanks again!”

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Olivia (bride)

"Having Mr and Mrs. Baldwin at our wedding was one of the best parts about our day. As a couple they bring an intense amount of peace and comfort into the day, no matter how chaotic the moment. Not only is their work incredibly professional but so are they. With the day being very raw and real, I always trusted them as they were so respectful with tender moments. I’ve also noticed that every person I bump into after my wedding has talked more about our Bread and Wine video then anything else. It was an honour to share our wedding with Bread and Wine Films. Amazing work and amazing people."

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Amber (Bride & Promo Winner)

"We won this video package. We were beyond excited to have this as part of our wedding. They were very professional and super fun to work with. We received our video within days after our wedding. The video was beyond amazing. It       way exceeded our expectations. We had many people we knew and didn't know say it felt like they were at the wedding when they watched the video. I have watched the video many times and will cherish it forever. I would highly recommend Bread and Wine Films for anyone wanting a videographer to capture the special moments of their wedding.”

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Marley (Bride)

"What an amazing couple who does an exceptional job. Ive watched our wedding video probably 100 times and still get teary eyed everytime I do! They captured everything perfectly and with much more than we ever could have expected. We loved it all! They caught moments our photographer didnt and we couldn't be happier with the results. Cant say enough good things."

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Kevin (Groom)

“Bread & Wine took us on last minute. We were unsure if a video was necessary for our wedding but we’re so happy we decided to go for it. They were easy to work with and the video turned out amazing. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them! You won’t regret it.”

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Vendor Reviews

"As a photographer, I HIGHLY recommend Jonny & Jilliana with Bread & Wine Films. They are so amazing to work with, and create such a fun experience for all of their couples. They capture the moments in motion a photographer can never fully capture. They capture your LOVE, your STORY and piece it all together beautifully so you may cherish it for many years to come. If you are deciding if you should have a videographer for your special day, just do it!! You won't regret hiring these two for your special day." - Kayla-Lynn Photography

“What a great team these two are. I had the pleasure to work along side them while photographing a wedding and I can’t say enough positive things about them. 
I WILL be recommending them to my future wedding clients.” - Ava James Photography

“It was so great to meet and work together with Bread & Wine Films on Bobby and Jordan's wedding day! They were so professional and did an amazing job capturing all the important moments and their beautiful vows! GREAT work you guys!!! Hope to run into you at more weddings in the future!” - Martine Martell Photography

“I had the opportunity to be the photographer at a wedding that they were working on. They were an awesome team to work with! I highly recommend them.” - BrownBrook Photography

“Some of the easiest videographers to work with as a photographer. They are so wonderful at working with other hired vendors, and they are amazing at what they do! Highly recommend them.” - Ginette Photography

“Coming from a photographers stand point Jonathan & Jilliana were amazing to work with. They were fun, outgoing and the talent is unreal!! I 100000000% recommend this team and we are fortunate to have such talent in our region <3.” - Barefoot Photo’s

Family& Friends comments on clients posted videos

"My Nephew's and his stunning Bride's wedding video. I had to share because although I was unable to attend their beautiful wedding this video made me feel like I didn't miss a thing! Jordan/Bobby...thank you for sharing."  (Christie Wedding)

"Right in the feelers today. Such a good memory watching two very important people in my life get married. Love you guys! This video is perfect." (Christie Wedding)

"What a truly amazing production of an incredible wedding day for Emma and Jesse Van Oosterom!"  (Van Oosterom Wedding)

"Omg this legit gave me goosebumps!!! Best wedding video I think I’ve ever seen!!!!"  (Christie Wedding)

"I love this, I felt like I was able to be a part of your beautiful day."  (Christie Wedding)

"Okay who isn’t crying after watching this most beautiful video. It was like a Hollywood Movie. So amazing!" (Martinez Wedding)

"Oh man!!! Johnathon your work is so amazing! I think I used 3 kleenex's watching this. Olivia Martinez your venue, your dress', your dress!! Absolutely stunning. Great job." (Martinez Wedding)