Bread & Wine Films
Bread & Wine Films
Professional cinematic wedding videography local to Grande Prairie, Alberta, serving world-wide. Your story is worth capturing.

Established in 2015



We love it. We are captivated by the way people come together and find courage to commit to one another for life. It is one of the most fascinating things in the world and every story is as unique as the individuals involved. We are passionate about capturing the genuine essence of every couple, and producing a film that is a true reflection of the hearts that created the story. 

     We are a husband and wife team who celebrate the opportunity to fuse our passion for media arts with the incredible journeys of the people around us. We believe everyone has a story worth hearing, and in particular, we believe that the story of lovers coming together is invaluable in a world of division and strife. Committed love is a source of hope and comfort that is profoundly meaningful, and we love to capture it cinematically,  with all the inspiration and quality we feel it imparts to us as its witnesses. 

       We are the Media Developers for VCOTR, Grande Prairie, and have both been engaged with music and photography/videography for several years. We are excited about the way technology is advancing and cinematic story-telling is becoming increasingly impactful through the powerful tools available. 

We hope to help you relive your day for years to come.

Jonathan and Jilliana Baldwin